6 Simple Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Psychic Reading

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A psychic reading, or any type of intuitive reading, is primarily about understanding what we are creating in our own lives—it’s not a crystal ball or a magic bullet. An intuitive consultant can provide valuable insight into your decision making process, but you, ultimately, are the one in full control of your energetic space. You choose how to direct your life, whatever twists and turns the path may take.
For those of you who may be new to intuitive readings, here are my tips on getting the most out of your time with your intuitive consultant/psychic:

1) Do your research: Before scheduling an appointment with an intuitive consultant, always do your research—even if they come recommended by someone you trust! Reading about and understanding the different styles of readings helps you decide which type is a good match for you. You’ll want to know what to expect before you walk in to your appointment: it’s a smart business practice to request an email or written confirmation of your appointment in advance with the agreed upon payment amount. You may also want to ask about any other details pertinent to the reading, such as; will the reading be recorded, or, is it ok to bring a friend, etc.

2) You’ve booked your reading: It’s an important first step—you created an opportunity to deepen your understanding of your life and current path. Here is where a little preparation will help you make the most of your appointment. Write down the questions you have and bring them to the reading. Remember, you are the one leading the discussion. Be courageous! Ask questions that are important to you, and be open to the information you’re receiving. Your meeting with your psychic should be a safe space, free of judgment—including your own! What you learn may not be what you expect, which is often times the most helpful knowledge.

3) Step into the light! Your reading is a special time to spend solely on you, looking at your energy and life path. This is your chance to be self-focused! Because your intuitive consultant is looking at your individual energy signature, asking self-focused questions during your reading will yield the greatest results. A self-focused approach places you at the center of the action. You give your consultant the opportunity to provide you with the many possibilities that exist by asking questions that allow you access into your own life. Instead of asking questions regarding a person or issue you have no control over—that’s a waste of time—asking self-focused questions is one way to own our power. It allows us the chance to live in our full potential and to make the best decisions for ourselves.

4) Take notes: Regardless of how much time you put into preparation for your reading, you might still feel a little nervous. That’s OK! It’s rare that we get to focus on ourselves for just a minute, let alone have another person focused solely on us. Acknowledge your feelings and allow yourself the full experience. Be ready with a pen and paper to take notes from your reading.

5) Ask questions: Your meeting with your intuitive consultant is more productive if you’re an active participant. You should feel comfortable asking questions, especially if anything is unclear, seems a bit scary, or you need additional insight on a specific question. Remember that you are the architect of your own life so try to ask questions that give you answers to move you forward. Your intuitive consultant is like any other well-trained professional and most will be happy to offer strategies or techniques to for you work on, just be sure that you…

6) Do your homework! Don’t leave without it! If you ask, your psychic will give you takeaways: strategies and methods that will help you along on your path. The actions don’t have to be dramatic or cost you thousands of dollars. Subtle energy shifts can exact major change. They simply require a different strategy: validation, a book recommendation, or a change in your energy dynamic. Just keep in mind, change takes commitment—there is no magic wand, and no one has more power in your own body than you.
As with any work that you do in life, the more effort you put into the reading, the more benefits you will get from the experience. Being an active participant in your reading will always yield the greatest results. Above all, BREATHE, be open to your experiences, and enjoy the journey!

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