About Readings

Obtaining the Greatest Benefit from Your Reading

Know What You Want

Psychic readings are designed to provide you with information and guidance. Before a reading, be sure to ask yourself which areas and issues in your life are most important to you. Take a few minutes to write down any questions relevant to your situation. Having a focus will help you have a more positive experience.

Readings are a sharing of information; the most effective and penetrating readings occur when the client opens up to me energetically.

If you don’t understand something during a reading, be sure to ask for clarification.

Have Realistic Expectations

Even the best professional psychics have limitations and cannot see every possibility, detail or potential outcome in your situation. No reputable psychic will guarantee a specific outcome for a reading.

I can help teach and guide you, but ultimately it’s up to you to utilize the information I provide during your reading to fully enhance your life.

The future is very fluid and dependent on many complex causes and conditions. While I often am able to predict the future, it is not the focus of my practice. I prefer to focus on patterns and influences in your life that may produce a particular outcome; then assist you by suggesting the most beneficial action for you to take to create the future you most desire.

My Goal and Mission

My goal and mission is to encourage everyone I work with to develop their own intuition in a personal way. I never want a client to become dependent on my readings. It is your individual understanding and perception that is most relevant to your life. My role is to help you learn to trust and honor your intuition which will lead to a much fuller and richer experience of life for you.

My reading style is unique to each client and I allow you to discover and process your own information. I will assist you with uncovering your inner voice and help to activate your self-empowerment. Intuitive consultations and energetic healings can assist you with embracing all of life’s experiences and change the way you live.