About Mia

Mia Simone founded her company Prescience Life in 2014 after 10 years as a well loved intuitive reader and after years of extensive training and continuing education in healing. The word prescience (pre- (SH) ens) or pre-science is defined as “the science of knowing events before they take place”. This concept inspired Mia to expand her individual reading work, in the hopes of reaching a wider audience and teaching a better understanding behind the fascinating history, heart and science of intuition which she dearly loves.

While she continues her individual sessions as an intuitive reader, she has expanded into a radio talk show, speaking engagements, and developing this website as a resource for her clients.

Mia has had the privilege of studying personally with several internationally known psychics. She finds the subliminal worlds of energy fascinating, and continues to devote her time to studying their power and presence historically. She attends conferences such as the Science and Nonduality Conference, Institute of Noetic Sciences, and the Consciousness Research Laboratory to further expand her abilities and understanding of the healing arts and to support the outreach work of Prescience Life.

Mia loves participating in and bringing community together and is an official ambassador to West Hollywood.